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Visiting Whitsunday Island on a Whitehaven Beach Tour you will find an absolute paradise location famous for it’s feather soft, 97% pure silica sand. Travellers go nuts over it due to how simply stunning it is. Whitehaven Beach is a part of Whitsunday Island, which is protected by the Whitsunday Islands National Park—so due to it being situated away from the mainland and the toxic fumes of the city, its natural beauty is left untouched.


ZigZag Whitsundays now visits the new lookout at the south end of Whitehaven Beach. This lookout opened in July 2019 and we are proud to be able to take our guests to this inspiring view over the Whitsunday Islands and Whitehaven Beach (Picture of the View Below)

What to expect on a Whitehaven Beach Tour

 Upon arriving, you’ll marvel at how the sand feels between your toes—and better yet, the sun actually reflects off the sand so it’s never burning hot. The wide, spacious stretch of beach stretches on for miles, and the waters that lap at the shoreline are so clear that you can see friendly fish in it!

A short along the beach will leave you gasping in amazement at the wonderous view of the white soft sands—don’t forget to take those once in a lifetime snaps! While you’re there, keep your eye out for native, friendly wildlife that might be out and about—including wallabies, birds and reptiles.

Whitehaven Beach is truly a little piece of heaven on Earth, and this once in a lifetime experience is one you won’t want to miss when visiting The Whitsundays. The best part is that no two visits are ever the same—the waters change colour and the sands change shape every time, sometimes appearing more green than blue, making every visit unique. It’s so relaxing and beautiful and an absolute must visit for any traveller.

Whitehaven Beach Tour With ZigZag Whitsundays

How Can I Get To Whitehaven Beach?


Most Whitsunday boating tours will take you to Whitehaven Beach—including the ZigZags Whitsunday Day Tour!

When travelling on ZigZags Whitsunday Day Tour, you’ll get to spend 1.5 – 2 hours at this incredible beach before moving on to snorkelling tour. You’ll also get to enjoy a homestyle buffet lunch during your visit.

ZigZags Whitsunday Day Tour has the most comfortable boat in the Whitsundays after a refit of high back padded seats in 2020—. Plus, you won’t get seasick which is a nice bonus—no one wants to arrive at dreamy Whitehaven Beach after having just hurled, right?

It’s super easy to book and it’s a lot of fun—all you need to bring is sunscreen, a hat, a towel, cash or credit card (for drinks later on at Palm Bay Long Island Bar), and your sense of adventure!

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Whitehaven Beach with crystal clear waters on ZigZag Whitsundays Tour

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