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ZigZag Whitsundays – Airlie Beach Snorkelling Day Tour

Are you looking for an Airlie Beach Snorkelling Tour? ZigZag Whitsundays has departures leaving every day at 8 am from Coral Sea Marina|Resort in the heart of Airlie Beach. Discover what lies beneath the coral sea around the beautiful Whitsunday Islands. Top quality snorkel equipment is provided in the price and includes 


  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins 
  • Wetsuit 
  • Flotation devices if necessary. 

As we mentioned above ZigZag visits 1 snorkel locations per day, each site consists of around 60 minutes in the water which is plenty of time to discover the corals, swim with tropical fish and hopefully see Nemo and a turtle!

Number #1 Snorkeling Tour In Airlie Beach


Meeting at 8 am and returning at 4 pm this is the full day Airlie Beach Snorkelling Tour. Each day the crew pick the best snorkelling sites available due to wind and tide conditions.

The Whitsunday Islands are part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and have plenty of coral filled bays with an abundance of marine wildlife including tropical fish, turtles plus whales and manta rays in season. ZigZag caters for all swimming levels and has a qualified crew that will make sure you are safe and cared for while in the water. For guests with limited swimming ability, there are flotation devices to make you comfortable while in the water.  

During the day the tour will also visit Whitehaven Beach for a buffet lunch and on the way home, we will make a stopover at Palm Bay Resort on Long Island where you can swim in the pool and have a cold drink. 

What Snorkel Locations Will We See?


We get asked this question a lot over the phone. Unfortunately, there is no definite answer as conditions change daily. Our qualified crew choose the best snorkel sites that suit the day’s tides wind and cloud cover. Let us explain how these affect which location we use.

Tides – This affects the depth of the water from the sea floor to the surface. Some coral bays have coral that grows close to the beach, and some have it deeper, also some bays have a steep drop off in the sea floor, and others have a very gradual gradient that can take well over 100 meters to drop off. If the tide is high, we choose the later bays that will still have coral you can see, and if there is low tide, we use the bays with deeper coral.

Wind – This is the number 1 major feature to where we choose our Airlie Beach Snorkeling location. We pick sites that the wind is not directly blowing towards. E.g. if there is a southerly we prefer a north facing bay. The last thing you want while snorkelling is rolling swell which in turn affects water visibility

Cloud Cover – while this is the last train of thought, we use this effect in combination with wind direction and tides, an example would be if its a cloudy day and mid to high tide we would pick a snorkel site that has the coral closest to the top of the surface as we have lost light which effects underwater visibility and we have a highish tide, if it was a bright sunny day we could choose another site that has deeper coral with more visibility 

Snorkel Equipment Used By ZigZag Whitsundays


Proper Snorkel Equipment is the difference between a comfortable experience and an annoying one.
ZigZag Whitsundays uses the best equipment on the market for commercial snorkelling.

  1. Tusa silicone masks
  2. Tusa comfortable snorkel
  3. Turbo Fins
  4. Adrenaline 1ml full wetsuit

Tusa masks are made from real silicon and not the cheaper silitex. They seal nicely around your face minimising water entering the mask
Our 1ml thick wetsuits are used for three purposes, to protect you against jellyfish. Positive buoyancy and to keep warm. We have sizes to suit everybody.

Other Locations The Tour Visits

Our Airlie Beach Snorkelling Tour also visits

Whitehaven Beach – After the snorkel, you will be hungry! Next, we have a short boat ride to Whitehaven Beach. Here you will be treated to a delicious homemade buffet on the beach. You will get around 90 minutes to explore this fantastic 7km of pure white sand

Palm Bay Resort Long Island – Enjoy 45 minutes at Palm Bay Resort situated on Long Island in the Whitsundays. ZigZag is the only tour allowed in this exclusive resort. Enjoy a cocktail or swim in the pool. This small secluded resort is on nestled between the rainforest and beach on Long Island

Islands Scenery – Sit back and relax between destinations and soak in the many islands passing you by.

Dynamic Day Tour Pricing

ZigZag’s Whitsundays Day Tour is the same as Airlines, Book Early And Save!
Our Online Dynamic Pricing is the first of its kind in the Whitsundays. Here is why…


Adult – Standard Discount – $125
*Next 10 tickets until sold out!*

Adult – Final Discount – $145
*Last discounted tickets until sold out!*

Adult – Bonus Discount – $155
*Last 6  discounted tickets until sold out!*

Adult – Recommended Retail Rate $175
*Remaining tickets until sold out!*

There is absolutely no difference between the ticket price and which seat you get on the boat or the type of tour — Just like Airlines the price increases as the boat fills up. The earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket. Your cost will never change after you purchase the ticket.

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Dynamic Pricing

The only Whitsundays Day Trip with Dynamic Pricing, Tickets Start At Only $125


Comfortable Boat Ride

Comfortable Ride With More Destinations And More Time At Them


Everything Included

Our Tour Is Fully Inclusive Of Lunch Morning Tea Afternoon Tea Snorkel Equipment and Wetsuit.


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ZigZag Whitsundays is a locally owned and operated company. Owners Ben ( Boat Mechanic)and Nicole (Marine Biologist) are dedicated to giving you the best tour in Airlie Beach